Not happy with your local lottery? Here are the real big jackpots!

If you'd like to gamble, why don't you get started with the most significant lotteries? USA Powerball is, without a doubt, a leader among the lottery game titles. This particular lotto includes a primary jackpot which starts out at US$40 million as well as two draws each week in order to make certain that the actual jackpot grows at a fast rate and additionally keeps growing up until it can be claimed.  At the moment this article was written the jackpot for the next draws stood at US$ 309 Million Dollars.

Through the reliable and legal courier service of, anyone can now participate in Powerball, even from the UK.

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The odds and the prizes for Powerball

Your probability of being victorious in the main jackpot in USA Powerball are 1 in 175,223,510. Many of these jackpots repeatedly go beyond an impressive US$100 million. The greatest ever roll-over prize ended up being US$1,500 million, the second most sizeable payment in the history of weekly lotteries.

Besides giving you rollovers in the multi-millions, USA Powerball has 9 prize tiers, including the jackpot. There are numerous cash awards to obtain, and participants can easily earn a reward by matching just 1 number, the USA Powerball number, of course. The chances of clinching a cash reward in any of the 9 prize levels  is only 1 in 32.

Recent jackpot winners

Powerball lottery winnerThe most recent winner of the nearly $400 million Powerball jackpot has come forward. The winning ticket was presented to the South Carolina Education Lottery by a Columbia area resident who declined to be identified.

In a conversation, the winner shared that this was only the second time he's played the Lottery. He was home alone on Thursday when he checked his Powerball ticket and turned around and around in his kitchen telling only his little dog that he had won.

So that you can play you'll need to choose 5 numbers from between 1 and 59. Subsequently, choose 1 Powerball number from between 1 and 35. The Powerball number is pulled individually from the primary numbers. When you match all 6 numbers, you are a jackpot winner. USA Powerball has 8 prize levels besides the jackpot, so there are numerous ways you can win cash prizes as part of this game.

Playing Powerball online gives you the same chances

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