Play USA Lottery Online

The Big US lotteries used to be just for citizens of the United States of America. And even if you lived there, not all states allow their residents to play. So what if you live in one of those states of the USA where you can get your ticket at a lotto shop? Or if you live abroad, even on a different continent?

It must be a frustrating feeling to read or hear about jackpots with hundreds of millions of dollars. You must have certainly heard about the record breaking $630 million jackpot for Mega Millions in March 2012. But you could not have participated in that lottery, because you lived in the wrong state of the USA or country, right?

Guess what - that is NOT TRUE!
As a matter of fact, you CAN get your ticket, but you will have to play USA lottery online. It does not matter where in the World you reside, because there is a company out there named that helps you to get a ticket. And you are not limited to the US lotteries, because they do not limit their service to lottery events in the USA. Instead, they have over 20 lotteries, for all of which they can get you a ticket.

Just click here and check their website!

lottery dollars usaIf a country has one (or several) big jackpots, you can be sure that RedFoxLotto has agents there. The system is quite simple: You decide which lottery you would like to take part in, make a choice of your winning numbers and pay online. Then, one of those agents goes out and purchases your ticket - with the numbers you selected, for multiple draws if you wish. The important thing is: your online ticket for the USA lottery will be personalized, which means it will have your name on it, and ony you can get paid if you win!

So basically what RedFoxLotto does is a worldwide courier service for lotto tickets. Since years they have an excellent reputation, and their customers have won millions of dollars. What I am saying is they can be trusted - which cannot be said for every company that says that they will buy a ticket for the USA lotto for you.

How does this work?

The simplest way to do this would be to choose a lottery first. Take a look at the column on the right and click on the lottery of your choice. Or, if your mind is set on playing the biggest USA lotto events Mega Millions or Power Ball, there are two boxes with info for those two just above this article.

After clicking one of those links, the process is extremely easy:

  • Pick your numbers
  • Define how many combinations you want to play
  • Select how many draws you want to take part in
  • Review your "shopping cart" - add more lotteries if you like
  • Check out and enter your personal details
  • Pay online - by credit card, E-wallet or bank transfer - done.
  • After that you will get a confirmation email with the numbers you chose, and when your ticket wins, you will get a notification email.

Watch out where you buy lotto tickets online

Here's why you must be careful if you want to legitimately buy USA lottery tickets: The ticket revenues that those lotteries have are enormous - and they must be, otherwise they would not be able to pay the jackpot winners. Now what if you take the big jackpots out of the big picture - because you did not intend to pay out your customers in the unlikely case one of them won the big prize?

Well, you would be making a fortune - because you would get to keep 90% of your ticket sales revenues and only pay out small winnings. Just enough to keep the appearance of legitimacy - and that is what some online lottery providers actually do. It is like they are running a lottery of their own, but it is still a scam because they use the attraction of the huge USA lottery jackpots, without the intention of ever paying a big winner.

Well, as described earlier, they actually buy a ticket on your behalf after you made an online order. After that USA lotto ticket has been purchased in your name, you have a binding contract with the actual lotto company, which means that you will get paid BY THEM in any case. The way it works, for a prize over $600, RedFoxLotto will forward your claim to get paid directly to the lottery commission. And it is them who will send you a check.

Only if you win a prize smaller then $2500, RedFoxLotto credits that money to your customer account. They do that because this way they can keep their administrative expenses low.

Due to their legitimacy, you are safe even in case that you should score big when you play a US (other any other) lottery online. And that's what you signed for after all, didn't you?

Which of the USA lotteries can I play online?

That's simple - all of them. Whether you would like to play Mega Millions, Powerball, the New York Lottery or the Pennsylvania Lottery, the Florida or California Lottery, you can play them all online via RedFoxLotto. You might want to choose the lottery that currently has the largest jackpot, or a lottery that has its draw date coming up.

In total, you will have over 20 lotteries from across the Globe to select from. So this is not only for people in the USA - as a matter of fact, a huge percentage of people using this service a residents of the USA, wanting online access to jackpots from other continents. After all, the European lotto events are equally attractive, and they have big jackpots in Australia and elsewhere too!