The Poker Boom

Poker, the origins of the game are quite vague, however we can be certain that the game originated at the US in the 19th century. In other words, the game you play nowadays, in casinos in Monaco or Nevada was played originally by cowboys to pass their time in between cattle herding.
Lately there were very big motions in the Poker arena. Online and offline tournaments being shown on the live TV or on the web, the game became that big and that popular there were hundreds of millions of dollars lost and made, between the players.
There were new heroes and professionals built in within the game. Poker, now, is more than just a passing time, it is a huge business. And if you don’t get the game yet, it is fine, we are covering the basic principles below.

Main idea of the game is to build your hand in such a manner that it beats that of the opponent. And you do so by obtaining certain winning card combinations, between what was dealt to you and what is lying on the table in front of you.

For example Straight flush is a hand of cards of the same suit in an ascending order, and it would beat Four of a kind on any day. There are different winning combinations and even possibilities to bluff your opponent so that even if you have a lower hand you would be able take the pot.
This game is highly intellectual, there have been people who learnt theoretical math and were able to perform greatly at the poker table. They counted cards, they applied the numbers theory and played it cool without giving out their feelings or ideas of what hand was dealt to them. Those are the true masters of the art.

However the majority of us are not like that. We play and gamble and mostly lose our money but still enjoy the game. The illusion of possibility of being able to win, blinds many men and women alike, but yet it is a pleasant illusion to maintain.

Online gambling made it all even harder to win, and yet there are those few, who are very lucky even at the age of the machines and are able to win.
There is algorithmic problem called multiple hands bandit. If you know the basics behind that algorithm you may have greater chances to play your game wisely and increase your possibility to win.

Poker is also played in circles of the elders, long time gamblers and simply people who try to pass the time.