Online Bitcoin Gambling: Is it Available to US Players?

The latest trend that is sweeping the online gambling industry is wagering with bitcoins. Why? Because the Bitcoin offers many advantages that other currencies like the US dollar cannot offer. So, is there a Bitcoin Casino in the US? It doesn’t matter because any Bitcoin casino accepts US players.
Ever since the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement) Act that came in force in 2006, US players have had a harsh time finding online casinos that will accept them. Only casinos that worked with the software from RTG, Rival, Top Game and similar smaller casino software companies dared to continue accept US players, but these casinos were usually loosely controlled and many of them turned out to be unreliable.
And even though today the situation is more relaxed in states such as New Jersey or Nevada, online gambling is still just a fantasy for US players. But, there came Bitcoin gambling.

About Bitcoin Gambling

The advantages for US players in gambling with Bitcoins are numerous, but the key ones are: lower house edge, lightning fast transactions, unrestricted access to gambling sites with complete anonymity. Why is that so? It’s because of the nature of this cryptocurrency.
The Bitcoin is a currency that exists only on the internet, and therefore it is not owned by any authority and no central bank controls it. Bitcoin transactions are based on a peer-to-peer concept, so there is no middle man like in the case of credit cards or similar.
Therefore, there are no processing fees, no processing times and everything that annoys you about transactions in dollars. All of this makes Bitcoin gambling suitable for US players, and luckily there are more and more Bitcoin casinos on the internet where US players can wager their bitcoins.

Where and How to Find Bitcoin Casinos for US Players

Finding Bitcoin casinos is easy today. If you try Google, it will spit out dozens of websites that offer information on Bitcoin casinos, as well as links to the actual casinos. The best way to decide where to wager you bitcoins is by first exploring all the possibilities. Compare, read, research, ask… The online gambling community is a vast one and there is lots of information and help.

How a US Player Can Set Up a Bitcoin Casino Account

This is the easiest part because Bitcoin casino accounts are really hassle free. A Bitcoin casino doesn’t ask for personal details like name, surname, address, credit card details, country or residence. None of that is needed at all and no one asks it.
To set up a Bitcoin casino account you just need to choose a username, provide your email which will be used to log in, choose a password and that’s it. Then, when you want to deposit or withdraw, you just enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals don’t take more than 10 minutes. All you need is some bitcoins in your wallet and you can start wagering despite being from the USA.