Play international lotteries online from outside the USA

In the past, lotto fans from outside the USA have been envious of their counterparts from the USA because of the huge jackpots of Powerball or Mega Millions. But now that has changed - because it is possible to play both Powerball and Mega Millions outside the USA.

The solution is RedFoxLotto, a service for online lotto tickets (click here to visit). What they do is to provide an opportunity for lottery players from anywhere to order tickets for a number of international lotteries via their website. The choice of lotteries includes, but is not limited to, Mega Millions and Powerball. Those two are their best-selling lotteries, simply because of the fact that their jackpots have been know to increase to enormous amounts. Both lotteries have had record jackpots of around $1500 million in the past.

More options if you go for international lotteries

play international jackpotsWhile lotteries offered in other countries may be quite attractive, you should definitely not limit yourself to your local lotto. Consider the ratio between ticket price and the jackpot amount, and it becomes clear that playing for a much larger jackpot is a much better investment. The price for an online ticket, even if it's twice as high compared to your local lottery, is only a minor factor, considering that the jackpot of Mega Millions or Powerball might be 50 times larger than the biggest jackpot locally available in your home country.

The process of playing Powerball and Mega Millions is actually quite easy to navigate. On their homepage, you will see a list of lotteries. Just click the one you want to play. You do not even have to pick your numbers by hand if you do not want to (but you can, of course). Just use the quick pick function to randomly choose some numbers for you. You can decide how many tickets you want to play. And if you want to play more than one lottery, that is also easy. Once you are done and your ticket order is finished, you have to sign up and create an account on their website. It is important that you confirm the account by checking your email inbox. You will have received an email from RedFoxLotto with a confirmation link. Click that link, and then all you have to do is pay for your Powerball or Mega Millions ticket purchase. You can choose from a number of secure and convenient payment methods.

What other lotteries can I play online?

Asides from the US lotteries we already mentioned, there is Eurojackpot, Euromillions, a number of Australian lotteries, Superenalotto, El Gordo La Primitiva, and many more. So now citizens of any country can participate in the biggest lotteries of the World - get your tickets online now!