Big Jackpots Are What Drives Lottery Excitement

Some people wonder what all the excitement is about where big lottery jackpots are concerned. They may think that a couple of million dollars or a couple million Euro or whatever should be enough to make people happy enough to want to play. They argue that this amount of money can set someone up for life where they can enjoy a relaxing and satisfying lifestyle without ever having to worry about money again.

While this may be true, what these people don’t really appreciate is that lottery jackpots fuel dreams, and a lot of us have bigger dreams than that. So the bigger jackpots get, the bigger we can dream.

Don't let the dream become a nightmare

From the practical side of things, it’s not unusual at all for smaller jackpot winners to end up broke, even though this often involves less than stellar financial decisions along the way. However, we would much prefer to be in a situation where we can blow money to our heart’s content and not ever have to worry about running out.

When people win the lottery, a lifetime of ambitions immediately come to the surface, bringing out a wild assortment of unrealized desires which have now immediately become possible to satisfy. So aside from the relatively mundane things such as quitting your job and paying off bills, there are also a lot of other things which you have yearned for all your life and you can now have.

So you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t go at least a little crazy when you get your hands on millions of dollars? We want to finally buy all these things we’ve dreamed about for so long. So with a huge jackpot instead of just a large one, we are given that power.

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The Lottery Lineups Don’t Lie

lottery ticketIf you play the lottery at all, you know full well how longer the lineups get at lotto retailers when the jackpot grows to huge amounts. This is not a coincidence. There are a lot of people who in fact only play when the jackpots get big enough. Those who do play regularly make sure that they don’t miss these and buy more tickets than they normally do.

So there’s a direct correlation between the size of a lottery’s jackpot and the excitement that is generated with lotto players. It’s not just about the more exciting prospects of winning a lot more money. There’s also a mathematical side of this as well.

Given that the price of a ticket is the same for the normal sized and the jumbo sized jackpots, bigger jackpots are simply a much better value for your money. The odds are exactly the same to win, but the amount of money that you can win is so much greater. So when you combine bigger amounts with better chances, this creates an almost irresistible urge to play.

Regions Team Up To Offer Players A Lot More Value

While there has been a number of lotteries that have offered some pretty big jackpots at times, there is often an ebb and flow to things, where jackpots build over time with the excitement surrounding these draws being built as well, someone wins a big one, and then things return to the relatively smaller starting value. So sales drop off and the lottery has to wait until things build up again to drive the big sales they want.

So this caused areas to look to team up with each other, for instance in the U.S. with the Powerball and Mega Millions, where historically lotteries were run by individual states, but now most people in the country could play these much bigger lotteries, creating jackpots which start out huge, and grow to epic proportions.

The same thing happened with the EuroMillions, allowing players from many European countries to play a single lottery, which ballooned the jackpot size to unheard of amounts. So now, there’s no lull, and it’s a matter of whether the jackpot is only ridiculously large or even more ridiculously big.

Aren’t We Still Limited To The Jackpots For Our Country’s Lottery?

Up until very recently, the only way that you could buy a lottery ticket to big lotteries was to physically visit a lottery retailer in your area, that is, if you were lucky enough to live in an area which even offers big lotto jackpot drawings.

We are happy to tell you that these limitations no longer exist for you. For those of us who have a computer and internet access, which includes you since you are reading this, the whole world of lottery playing has now been finally opened up for us.

Not only can you play the world’s biggest lotteries no matter where you live, but you can play as many as you want to. Sophisticated lottery players who crave more drawings and more excitement per week can now play a dozen or even two dozen different ones. The only limit is now how many you wish to play.

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