Win the biggest lotto jackpots

Every lotto fan from around the World must have seen the news when in January 2016 two lucky winners cracked the huge $1,500 Million jackpot. That was a historical record, and virtually everyone in the USA must have bought a Megamillions ticket to get a shot at this big prize.

But not only US residents love their lotto - what about people who live in other parts of the planet? Well, here is the good news - there is a legal and trustworthy option that puts you in a position to buy online tickets for lotteries in the USA, no matter what your country of residence may be. In fact, this service gives you easy access to over 30 huge lotteries from across the World.

The company is named RedFoxLotto - click here to visit their website. What they do is running a courier service for lottery tickets. The basics are: you pick your numbers for any international lottery you want on their website, after that you simply order and pay online. RedFoxLotto then physically buys a lotto ticket carrying your name and your numbers combinations, scans it and email the link to the scanned image to you, along with the confirmation of your purchase. 

win onlineMore than 30 huge international jackpots to choose from

With so many jackpots like Powerball or Megamillions to choose from, you have the big advantage that you could simply check which jackpot is currently the highest. Or, if you do not wait too long for the next draw, choose the one with the closest draw date. Considering that the expenses for a ticket are the same, regardless of the size of the lottery jackpot, you get far better odds when you select the bigger prize - in mathematics, this is called "expected winnings".

The exact formula behind this concept is: the chance of winning the jackpot (in %), multiplied by the size of the jackpot. If you consider the prize per ticket as fixed and given the fact that the mathematical probability of having the right numbers combination is fixed as well, it is clear that your winning expectancy is higher when the prize is bigger. You can buy more tickets, but in terms of expenses versus potential winnings, that doesn't change much. Of course, picking multiple combinations does give you a better chance to win.

Is this some kind of lottery scam, or an online game or casino?

No it is not. RedFoxLotto really buys a normal ticket for the lottery of your choice. They are not running a lottery of their own. The truth is that there are companies out there who just piggyback on the lottery. Those companies take your payment, issue a phony lotto ticket (or none at all) and pay out small winnings to their customers. Those companies have to pray that none of their customers will ever win big, because then they would not have enough money to pay them.

Not so RedFoxLotto. They are 100% legit and reliable. The ticket is actually being bought at the proper lottery by one of their many agents inside various countries, and it is your lottery ticket alone. The winnings will always come from the lottery company. RedFoxLotto will assist you to cash in your lottery prize. Depending on the amount of the prize, the prize is credited to the customer's account of RedFoxLotto (up to $ 2500) or they send the winner a form via email, which the customer fills out and sends it back by email. RedFoxLotto then sends this to the respective lottery authority, which will make the payment.

How do I pay for my ticket online?

There are several ways to make a payment. Credit card is a safe and convenient way, probably the most popular one. But you can just as well make a bank transfer, or use one of the several eWallet options. At, you can even pay via Paypal! The process of ordering and paying is described in this article. But after clicking on one of the banners on our site, RedFoxLotto will walk you through the whole process, which is really very straightforward.

Can I buy tickets for more international lottery jackpots online?

Due to the possibilities that the Internet offers today, many lottery fans also want to buy tickets for international lottery jackpots. Instead of waiting for the national lotto to reach a decent prize, it is a good idea to look beyond the borders of one's own country. To facilitate the purchase of lottery tickets worldwide, the website RedFoxLotto (follow this link) allows you to order lotto tickets online for over 20 of the planet's largest lotteries - for every customer who can pay online, regardless of their place of residence.

So a customer from Canada, for example, can get tickets which can not be bought at the store in this country, such as the El Gordo from Spain, the Powerball Lotto from the US and Superenalotto from Italy, EuroMillions, Eurojackpot and many more.

There is always some big jackpot

jackpot moneyNaturally, with a number of over 20 lotteries on offer, at any one time one of the jackpots will be higher than the jackpot in your local lottery. Even though the purchase price per ticket is higher than for the local lottery, consider this: Would you prefer to pay a little more than 4 € per ticket for a potential jackpot of 80 million, or 2 € for a possible jackpot of e.g. 3 million?

And it is understandable that the lottery agency RedFoxLotto must charge you a little more, to cover their expenses for this service. They must maintain a network of employees who buy the tickets ordered via their website in a normal lottery shop in the USA, Spain, Brazil etc.

As you can see, playing international lotto is quite an interesting alternative - because of the higher jackpots and because of the fast and easy handling via Internet!

Why the lotto jackpots are bigger in America

 If you like to play the lottery, nothing beats the excitement of playing for tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. There are several big lotteries around the world that offer such huge jackpots regularly, but no country offers as many big lotteries as the United States.

The lottery market is so big in the U.S. that there are several state lotteries that rival the world’s biggest national lotteries from other countries. Lotteries are a big part of American culture, and given their large population base, combined with all of the marketing and promotion that their lotteries receive, it’s not surprising that American lotteries hold such a high position on the lottery world map.

It Used To Depend On Where You Lived

Historically, access to American lotteries required you to purchase your tickets by visiting lotto retailers in person in the jurisdictions where a particular American lottery was sold. For instance, if you wanted to buy tickets to the Powerball Lotto or the MegaMillions, you would have to reside in one of the states which offered these tickets for sale. This included most states in the U.S. but not all.

For the big state lotteries, you of course had to buy them within the state where the lottery was held, meaning that these lotteries were pretty much limited to residents of that particular state. In spite of the advances in technology that we have seen over the past few decades, especially lately, lottery players often wondered when the world of high jackpot lotteries would finally open up and be available electronically, where lottery lovers could purchase lottery tickets from other areas of the world online, instead of having to physically buy them at lotto booths.

We Are Finally Free To Play Whatever Lotteries We Want

With all of the publicity that the big American lotteries get, with people seeing big winner after big winner, with all their stories, by playing huge lotteries such as Powerball and MegaMillions, this has created a lot of interest in people from other countries who have yearned to get in on this action.

Now, through the power of the internet, and the work of a company called RedFoxLotto, this power has now finally been given to us. Now, when we see these big jackpots climb to a hundred million, two hundred million, three hundred million, or more, we don’t just have to just wish we could buy tickets to them.

All we have to do now is log on to RedFoxLotto and buy as many as we want, to as many of these American lotteries as we want. We also now have online access to all of the other big lotteries in the world, and have the ability to pick whatever lotteries we want to buy tickets to, and simply place our order online.

Needless to say, this has opened up things completely and the world’s lotteries are now set out in front of us like a grand buffet, waiting for us to fill our plates and eat to out heart’s content, whenever we want.

We Aren’t Just Limited To The Big Two As Far As Lotteries Go

While the Powerball Lottery and the Mega Millions lottery have received most of the publicity among American big lotteries, which isn’t surprising given the gigantic jackpots that they always offer, there are several smaller ones that merit our attention as well. While any lottery player would relish playing these two giant lotteries, many of us feel that the more excitement that we can add to our lottery playing, the better, and therefore seek out other opportunities to get involved in other big drawings to add to our fun and winnings. All of these lotteries boast multi million dollar jackpots and therefore give us the wonderful opportunity to add several more big draws per week to our lottery playing.

RedFoxLotto Takes Care Of Everything For Us

logo redfoxlottoAll we have to do to open all of this up for us, and gain access to all of these large American lotteries and much more, is to simply visit RedFoxLotto, register for a free account with them, and then be in a position to buy lottery tickets to our heart’s content.

RedFoxLotto takes care of your every need here, from notifying you how long you have to purchase your tickets to a particular lottery drawing, to how much the jackpot currently is, to taking your order, to offering you many convenient ways to pay for your tickets, to purchasing your tickets in your name and emailing you a confirmation, to safeguarding your tickets until the draw, to notifying you whenever you win, to providing you all the assistance you need to collect your winnings.

So it’s little wonder why this service has become so popular in such a short period of time and is so trusted and loved by so many lottery players from all around the world. If you’d like to move up to the 21st century of lottery playing, all you have to do is click on our link to them right now and your journey begins.